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Daddy's Birthday


Description: Jess and Cindy Sandler are loving daughters of their divorced daddy. Trying to fill the gap of affection left by their mother’s lack of care for her daughters, the girls seek comforting in each other’s arms… as well as each other’s mouths and each other’s pussies! With this state of things it does not come as a shock that Cindy, used to incestuous relations with her sister, seeks the habitual comforting in her dad’s arms when they happen to be left alone. The teen girl has grown into a real beauty with shapely tits and ample bum, and it is damn had to resist her charms…

This is only the beginning of the beautiful love story between ageing dad and his two pretty daughters who strive to win his affection with their seductive bodies! get instant access!


Family Traditions. Part II. Dreadful Sin.


Description: Vivien, the youngest member of the strange Lamar Family, keeps confessing her secrets to this breathtaking diary. These pages are sad and full of shame, because our innocent angel didn’t pass another test and sinned…She fell for a normal boy, Sammie, who easily charmed her with his simple fondling and…young, beautiful “dick”, the thing which she never saw before!! When Vivien’s Aunt and sister found her sucking on some boy’s penis they were truly shocked!! Obviously, Vivien and Sammie needed a proper punishment.

Aunt Matilda dragged Sammie to the basement and Gala took her sister to her room, where their Grandfather helped Vivien to redeem her fault…get instant access!


Home Sex Ed: Jenna


Description: When one day John – a father of two – was taking a bath that had been probably drawn by his wife before she left to do some shopping in town, he could not imagine his daughter Jenna was still at home and could walk on him being all naked. This is exactly what happened, but Jenna did not seem to be embarrassed in the slightest. Instead of blushing and leaving the bathroom, she made an offer her father found very hard to say no to – to share a bath. The view of her father’s cock made Jenna horny and she used all her natural charm to seduce John. That wasn’t hard at all – and in several minutes

John was fucking his daughter and licking her pussy to make sure her first experience would be memorable. Being a good father, John was going to show Jenna all kind of positions and in the end – cum all over her beautiful body. Jenna thought she was ready for this kind of experience – but it turned out her father had lot of things prepared for her that were pretty unexpected.get instant access!


Ranch “The Twin Roses”. Part 3.


Description: Howdy y’all!!! Things were getting dirtier in the Twin Roses Ranch, cause you see – Sally offered Ellen to switch places, so she could go to Ellen’s bedroom and fuck her husband, Dustin!! Poor Ellen had no choice other than to agree, caused Sally threatened to tell Dustin about Ellen’s sex with her nephew, Joe…Twin-sisters switched places, and a really horrible thing happen. Not only Sally had a chance to fuck a new man, Ellen got in a really awkward situation, too: that night Ralph, her own son, came to

Sally’s bedroom to fuck his aunt properly, and fucked his mom instead!!! Ellen couldn’t even say a word – she was way too shocked! get instant access!


Family Traditions. Part 1: The Preparation.


Description: The Lamar Family is an old one, its members have been keeping their secret traditions for generation. They believe that their mystic sexual rituals let them experience Endless Love. Charming Vivien is the youngest member of that Family. She is preparing for Initiation. Following her Grandfather’s order, she is keeping this breathtaking diary, where she frankly describes all the rituals, writes all her feelings and thoughts. After amazingly performed Masturbation Ritual Vivien is ready to participate in something advanced:

Joint Masturbation Ritual with her beautiful older sister Gala! Will the girls perform it well? Will the Powers be favorable to them? Let’s find out… get instant access!


Private Love Lessons. Part 1.


Description: Now that’s exactly how big families may brighten up their routine days when they are all together for a weekend. Take your clothes off and lets see who will get on top in the family scale of ranks. Teen daughter was steel sleeping when she heard some noise in the living room. She opened the door and saw her mommy moaning with pleasure with her daddy shoving his cock in her ass and her brother stuffing her mom’s throat with his boyish dick. They were all so happy and busy that did not notice her when they started to cover the seductive mature body of their loving mom with

their hot fresh cumshots of pure pleasure. Join now to be the witness of relative copulation with outstanding love and wide ranges of allowability in the family circle of sexual needs and love secrets they are reveling to the last female member of their family... get instant access!


Mom Domination. Part 1.


Description: You might have always dreamt of Mummy as hot as this one is. The evil mistress is back from work and she is trying on her new fuck dress to wear proudly in front of her enslaved husband chained in bathroom waiting for his lustful queen. Their young successor is imagining mom in his kinky fantasies rubbing his little friend with every new naughty thought in his head. Full of weird desire to fuck his sexy mommy he peeps her dominating his father, making him eat her out. Join now to behold the exciting family copulation with mother in charge of obedient cock ready to rise up on her

command and satisfy her sexual power needs in every perverted way she thinks of. Do not waste the chance to enjoy the fantastically nasty Mom ruling the house as a real lascivious queen would rule her fuck kingdom in an imaginative indecent land of your dreams. get instant access!


American Home Videos: Burn After Watching


Description: Like any other teenager Dannie has a hobby: he makes videos! But his passion is not that innocent, since he is secretly shooting his mom!! Oh, Dannie is a very naughty boy: he loves spying on her, secretly recording her naked and sometimes even masturbating! Well, his mommy, Paula, is surely hot as hell, she practically oozes sexuality, but that’s a sorry ass excuse for her teenage son. When Paula catches him doing it once she gets mad!! Oh, that nasty boy needs to be properly punished and his sexy mommy knows a fine way…

But let’s start from the very beginning, when Danny got a video camera as a birthday present… get instant access!


Ranch "The Twin Roses". Part 2.


Description: Hi y’all!!! Things were pretty nasty in the Twin Roses Ranch, huh? Let me remind you: lustful Sally McCoy used to fuck her son Joe day after day, but that was before her twin sister came for holidays with her family. Joe, who was quite tired of his insatiable mom, made his aunt Ellen drunk and…fucked her! Sally saw them doing it and got a great chance to blackmail her poor sissy! Sally demanded to let her fuck Ellen’s son, Ralph in return, and her sissy was forced to agree…

But though Ellen was very ashamed of what had happened, she let Joe fuck her again! And Sally got a taste for variety and told Ellen she wanted to fuck her husband, too!! get instant access!


Family Secrets. Part 1: Loosing Virginity


Description: “…I realized what the true love and passion really were the day my own sweet daughter, Cathie, seduced me…I just couldn’t resist that temptation, I loved and wanted my virgin angel so bad! We both couldn’t fight our wild desires…And yes, I crossed all the forbidden lines that night and made love to the most beautiful girl on Earth – my daughter…Catherine’s blood, the proof of her innocence and our affectionate “crime”, covered my dick-head, but neither Cathie nor I felt guilty: our love was endless; we both deserved that night, full of the greatest passion and pleasure!...

And so many delightful nights were still ahead…” get instant access!


Bedtime Story. Part 1.


Description: Emma and Joey start to feel mutually attracted; this story would look like yet another sweet story of young lovers if the two of them were not a brother and a sister. With the bold rashness of the youth and their hormones racing at a speed of light neither of them is inclined to hold back their passion, and one night when Joey his left to take care of his younger sister in the absence of their parents, the boy wastes no time in taking care of his sister’s pussy… Afraid and insecure at first, sweet Emma soon finds it very pleasurable to let her brother do all the things he wants to her – playing with...

... her lovely teen titties, kissing and poking her fresh vagina and grabbing her ass in a manner that can be hardly called brotherly. Emma gets so high that she is even delighted to lick clean her brother’s cock that has just been pumping her tiny pussy! get instant access!




Description: When incestuous lesbian liaison with your own sister is rather a matter-of-fact state of things for you as you’ve been engaged into it since you were a teen no sexual extravagance can be too perverse for you. Take Heather for instance – she’s been fucking her sister Karen’s pussy since they were in high school, and now that they both are over their forties and it’s Karen’s son who is in high school now Heather has got this funny idea into her head… Karen needs her pussy to be attended to by some fleshy cock for a change from their old rubber friend.

And since Karen is so committed to her son that she cannot devote her time to any other man since his dad left them, Heather thought it would be quite natural if Karen devoted her pussy to her son, as well! Now that the trap is set the woman only needs to wait for the doorbell to ring… get instant access!


Ranch "The Twin Roses". Part 1.


Description: Howdy y’all!!! All kinds of wild things happen in Texas, and I want to tell you one story that will blow your mind! Well, in secluded ranch called “The Twin Roses” a lonely lady Sally McCoy lived with her son, Joe. Sally’s passionate nymphomaniacal nature and lack of men were tearing her apart and she…seduced her son, Joe!! But that’s just a trinket compare to what happened when her twin-sister, Ellen Marshal, came to visit The Twin Roses Ranch with her family – her husband, Dustin, their son, Ralph, and Dustin’s daughter, Janice.

You see, Joe managed to seduce his aunt Ellen, and in return Sally fucked her virgin nephew Ralph… get instant access!




Description: Cady Welch does not lack in good looks, but she sure lacks in her knowledge of the ways of the world. Trying to scoop while showing her nudity on the webcam, Cady gets so involved that she loses her caution and gets caught red-handed by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Welch cannot think of a better way of teaching their sibling good manners than pulling up her skirt and give her ass some hard spanking. And as they do so they find that this ass is truly irresistible – the revelation brings the three of them to an incestuous family threesome as Mr. Welch squeezes his prick into...

...his girl’s pussy! Breathless after the hard fucking and spanking and shocked to have been used by her own daddy, Cady learns her lesson the hard way… get instant access!


Uncle Urrival. Part 1.


Description: Claire Leers is an attractive schoolbabe who currently finds herself much more interested in surfing adult sites than preparing her lessons. Having both her figure and her sexual preference formed, Claire dreams of a skilful cock of an older man to soothe her craving pussy. Life interferes with the girl’s plans in the most unexpected way with the arrival of her uncle Stevie, her mom’s brother. Handsome and absolutely irresistible, this badass kinsman looks like an answer to the spoiled girl’s prayers – if only mom and uncle were not so anxious to stay alone with each other…

Jealousy makes Claire an apt spy, and the secret that the girl eventually learns makes her both horny and confused: the shameful liaison between her mommy and charming uncle Stevie is not at all of kindred type! It can hardly be sisterly to blow your brother’s cock and take it into your pussy, screaming like a cougar on heat, right?! get instant access!


Mom And Boys


Description: Ashton has been drooling over Bobby’s mom since he was in his early teens. Now that both of the boys are high school graduates he hopes to finally take his chances at the hot MILF with unbelievably large tits and a mischievous smile. Staying over at his friend’s place is an excellent possibility – and Ashton grabs it with the feverishness of his age, catching Mrs. Bakers unaware and unprepared. Lusting for his young flesh, Mindy Bakers warmly welcomes the boy’s claims and parts her legs for him right on the kitchen table…

Make no mistake, this is going to be some spicy dish, especially when Mrs. Bakers faces the necessity to fry some other fish with her son’s appearance on the scene! Uncensored incest gangbang spiced up with anal sex scenes – you are sure to ask for another helping! get instant access!

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