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Busted: The Dominatrix


Description: After a police officer Martha Cloverfield finds both her sons – Bobby and Rick – in the park fucking their school friend Lydia (with no objections on her side whatsoever), she gets furious. Martha can’t believe her sons could be stupid enough to shame her in front of her colleagues and has plans to teach them a good lesson. Martha brings both of them to the police station and locks up behind the bars. She later joins Bobby and Rick with a police bat and a long whip – both of her sons are about to learn why they are not supposed to make their mommy upset and what punishment they are going

to get for it… Martha is not the kind of woman whose heart can be melted by tears and screams, so she will make sure her sons will never disobey her in future. get instant access!


Busted: The Picnic


Description: Three friends – Lydia, Rick and Bobby - decide to spend a hot summer afternoon in the park having a picnic. Their parents are quite strict (and both happen to be cops) and let their kids go reluctantly, giving them instructions and asking them to avoid getting in trouble. Of course, just as the three friends arrive to the place where they are going to have a picnic the tension begins to grow and after a couple of bottles of beer they all get horny as hell. The feeling of freedom is new to Lydia – and so she is glad to try anything new, especially if this is something her strict father wouldn’t

approve of. For the two brothers who get hard just watching Lydia play badminton, this is a perfect opportunity… There is no one around and they can do anything they want to that seductive girl with a round ass and perfect boobs…get instant access!


Family Traditions. Part 3.


Description: Young charming Vivien continues her diary, where she describes all the sexual rituals of the strange Lamar Family. She tells us about her Initiation, the most important day of her life. Vivien had been preparing for it for a long time, following her Grandfather’s strict orders and performing daily Masturbation Rituals. Early in the morning all the Family members – her sister, her Aunt, and her Grandfather come to cheer her up, but she worries – she has no idea what the Initiation will be like. Will she stand all the tests?

Will she overcome her fears and pain? Will she become a “true part of the Lamar Family” and experience Endless Love? Let’s see…get instant access!


Ranch "The Twin Roses". Part V.


Description: Howdy ya’ll!! Let me tell you the worthy final of mind-blowing story, which happened in the Twin Roses Ranch in Texas. Dustin’s nasty daughter, Janice, accidentally seduced her own daddy, and Sally…saw them fucking in the living-room!! And of course that horny lady couldn’t miss such an awesome chance, so she invited all the other members of the crazy family to the living-room…When Sally’s twin-sister Ellen, her nephew Joe, her son Ralph, and Sally rushed naked in there everybody (besides Sally, of coursed) was quite shocked.

Do you wonder what was the ending of that confusing dirty seen? Great family gang-bang, of course!!! Bah, ya’ll!!!get instant access!


Christmas Gift.


Description: A family of three celebrating Christmas together – or a family of three plus the daughter’s friend enjoying the wildest Christmas ever? The choice seems obvious – and in this story things get hotter with every minute. Mrs. Donovan and her daughter Sabrina love surprises – and they decide to make one for Sabrina’s friend Mia. When the three of them start getting a bit bored, there is someone at the door – and of course it’s Santa! Mia has no idea that the kind man with white beard whose lap she so willingly climbs will turn out to be her friend’s father.

So, the moment Santa takes off his outfit is a really big surprise for her. However, the girl shows no sign of hesitation or shyness – she looks more than happy to welcome Santa/Mr. Donovan and make him feel comfortable by sucking his dick first… Of course, Sabrina and her mother join them very soon and start their family celebration.get instant access!


Private Love Lessons. Part 2.


Description: Watching another family doing it all together you might be thinking of the cozy family mansion where shameless mother would walk naked stirring your sick imagination, prompting you to hold her tight when penetrating her warm wet pussy with your hot hard boner. Join now and you will have the ability to watch all the nasty incest fantasies come true in our 3d porn galleries. Have a look at fine body of mature mommy showing her sex students how they should be fucking. The eager teens are ready and willing to join their parents in a group fuck with

proper sexual education and illustrative examples of cock treatment. Young lady is shy to embrace brother’s dick with her lips but in a while she is quite confident in her actions so you may fully enjoy the awkward misbehavior of a little badass blonde slut in a family fuck.get instant access!


Mom Domination. Part 2.


Description: Join the wicked party with nasty copulations of corrupted mummy spending her lust on two meaty cocks she adores most. One cock belongs to her young boy jerking his small but incredibly hard dick on his mummy each time she strips to please her rising temptation with her obedient lord and master, the adult owner of the second boner, chained in his room in expectation of his loving one to allow him touch her feet with his hungry tongue and bring her dripping wet pussy utmost pleasure by teasing her clit with the head of his cock.

It is time to teach the little one some femdom lessons, so she gets the young stud involved in her master fuck plan. Join now and receive full access to astounding and shocking 3d incest galleries filled with real feelings and powerful cumshots of father and son on their caring mistress.get instant access!


Incest Party


Description: Those two unusual families normally seek for no sexual partners outside their home, even given that Mr. Sandler is divorced and lives with his two teen daughters while Karen faces much the same situation with the only exception that she keeps her sexual appetites quenched by her teen son and her sister. But this time both families decided to team up for one grand fuck feast adding a drop of swinger splendor to their incestual routine. See where partner swapping will take the sexually eager families – you will be showered with intense emotions and profound feelings.

Deep affection boosted with tested sex techniques, the boiling passions of youth teamed up with sophisticated proficiency of the older generation! get instant access!


Family Secrets. Part 2: Nasy Weekend


Description: Every family has some secrets. Donovans, for instance…Russell, Melissa, and their two children – Thomas and Catherine – appear to be a usual family. But in fact relations in Donovans family are not that common…The beginning of breathtaking secret story of Russell’s passionate love to their daughter, Catherine, was told in the first part. But actually Melissa and their son, Thomas, have a wild dirty secret, too! So lets hear Catherine and Thomas tell lustful stories of one nasty...

...weekend, which sweet Catherine spent outdoors making love to her romantic daddy and Thomas spent exploring his gorgeous mommy’s body by the pool! get instant access!


Ranch "The Twin Roses". Part IV.


Description: Howdy ya’ll!! Do you remember what happened in The Twin Roses Ranch? Sally was fucking her son, Joe, than Joe managed to seduce his aunt, Ellen, in return Sally fucked Ralph, Ellen’s son, and then Ellen and Sally switched places and Sally fucked Dustin, Ellen’s husband, while Ellen had to sleep with her own son, Ralph, because he came to Sally’s bedroom and Ellen had to act like she was Sally!! Whew…Nasty, isn’t it? But let me tell you – another dirty idea came to Sally’s mind and she forced Ellen to have a threesome – to fuck Dustin together!

Meanwhile Janice, Dustin’s lusty daughter, got to fuck her stepbrothers Ralph and Joe!! get instant access!


Bedtime Story. Part 2.


Description: Emma and Joey start to feel mutually attracted; this story would look like yet another sweet story of young lovers if the two of them were not a brother and a sister. With the bold rashness of the youth and their hormones racing at a speed of light neither of them is inclined to hold back their passion, and one night when Joey his left to take care of his younger sister in the absence of their parents, the boy wastes no time in taking care of his sister’s pussy… Afraid and insecure at first, sweet Emma soon finds it very pleasurable to let her brother... all the things he wants to her – playing with her lovely teen titties, kissing and poking her fresh vagina and grabbing her ass in a manner that can be hardly called brotherly. Emma gets so high that she is even delighted to lick clean her brother’s cock that has just been pumping her tiny pussy! get instant access!


Uncle Urrival. Part 2.


Description: Claire Leers is an attractive schoolbabe who currently finds herself much more interested in surfing adult sites than preparing her lessons. Having both her figure and her sexual preference formed, Claire dreams of a skilful cock of an older man to soothe her craving pussy. Life interferes with the girl’s plans in the most unexpected way with the arrival of her uncle Stevie, her mom’s brother. Handsome and absolutely irresistible, this badass kinsman looks like an answer to the spoiled girl’s prayers – if only mom and uncle were not so anxious to stay alone with each other…

Jealousy makes Claire an apt spy, and the secret that the girl eventually learns makes her both horny and confused:the shameful liaison between her mommy and charming uncle Stevie is not at all of kindred type! It can hardly be sisterly to blow your brother’s cock and take it into your pussy, screaming like a cougar on heat, right?! get instant access!


First Lessons From Mrs. Page


Description: Roberta Page is a single mom of two teens – Ewan and Mel. Knuckling away her time in the office she knows little of the way her siblings pass their time while she is not around. And their idea of a good pastimes involves watching porn and putting to action what they’ve learnt – with each other! Having come home unexpectedly, Roberta is shocked and frustrated to find her son and daughter fucking like a pair of rabbits – frustrated that they are doing it quite wrong! The cock should be sucked with your mouth closed, Mel!

And the pussy lips should be pushed wide apart before you thrust your cock between them, Ewan! Now mommy’s home to teach you some good fuck tricks, and she will make sure you learn that lesson well – and practice makes perfect! get instant access!

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